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Mary Valley Railway


The Mary Valley Heratige Railway is located in the city of Gympie about two hours drive north of the capital Brisbane.
It runs trains from Gympie station to the town of Imbil.
The train featured below is hauled by Q.R National loco AC16 on loan to the railway while their loco is under repair.
The link below will take you to the Mary Valley site which has a wealth of info about its operation and history.
This page features a video of the Yank, the only advice would be is turn the volume up and enjoy the sound.

Mary Valley heratige Railway


Looking north from the pedestrian bridge at the southern end of Gympie yard as the passengers get some last photos before boarding. To the left is the steep line going down to the workshops.


Looking south from the northern end of the yard you can see the workshops on the right and to the left of the platform three stored MKA class locos owned by Pacific National.
Much of the original structures have been removed like signals and signal boxes as well as sheds ect.


After a few powered revoloutions of the drivers the steam is shut off and the train runs downgrade untill it reaches the former junction with the NCL at Monkland.
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The reason for the loco being known as "The Yank" is obvious here. The plate is located on the right side of the smokebox the one below on the left.



Running the regular Sunday train the loco is decorated with Australian flags to celebrate the Australia Day weekend as it passes through Monkland yard. The loco is C17 class No802 and is the regular loco that the C19 class loco featured in most of the photos replaced during its heavy maintenance program.
The photo below shows the same train on its return to Gympie just west of the yard featured above.



The train approaching the Brooloo Road overpass just north of Dagun, not pictured are the normals and gunzals taking photos and video.


Just east of the previous location the Aussie Day train runs over one of the many bridges on the branch.


After a short stop at Dagun the Yank heads up the grade towards another single timber road overpass.
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Heading down the grade between Amamoor and Kandanga.


Climbing the grade once again towards Melawondi.
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The railmotor that left the earlier in the morning waits in the loop as the Rattler pulls into the station road at Imbil.


The engine running around its train once the railmotors departed for Gympie. Most of the passengers are off near the station watching a period play featuring bushrangers.



The crew keep a close eye on the tender as the rails squeel in protest as the loco heads up the short tight curved turntable spur.


The crew help the driver position the loco on the turntable.


One of the crew operates the turntable drive powered by the locos compressed air supply.
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Departing Imbil bound for Gympie, click the picture for the video.


Another stop at Dagun to sample some of the local wines.

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