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Iveragh Loop


Iveragh Loop is located at 501 km post on the North Coast Line to the south of Gladstone. When opened in 1897 the site was the terminus of the line constructed south from Gladstone that would eventually meet the line being constructed north from Bundaberg. A financial crisis made funds scarce and the line was mothballed soon after due to lack of traffic as well as funds. When the line was completed it was a boost to the economic development of the state.
Much has changed in the past decade with the line being upgraded or replaced between Gladstone and Iveragh but the slow curve at the northern end of the loop still remains and the line south to Miriam Vale still follows the original alignment.


The creek overflow is courtesy of ex cyclone Beni that dumped over 400mm of rain in the area in a day and a half and delayed many trains due to speed restrictions on many bridges. This location is a few kilometers south of the loop near eight mile creek, the entire section south to Miriam Vale retains its original right of way and timber bridges. Feb 2003


2489 with eleven ballast wagons and a plough bringing up the rear pass through Iveragh on the way back to Gladstone. Mon 05/02/01 12.21


Northbound Tilt Train overtaking an electric hauled freight at Iveragh. 4.15pm 07/04/99




After being overtaken 3912 leads its train around the curve just north of Iverah, approaching Christensen's Road level crossing. Near the UP Home signal you can see the difference between the traditional round speed boards and the new square ones for the Tilt Train. 16.25 07/04/99.


Looking north at the same location as the previous photo PN004 approaches the loop on its way south to Brisbane.
Friday 15/09/05 10.15


3927 Passes an electric freight in the loop at speed with a loaded stock train heading for Brisbane 24/08/99 07.16


PN012 takes the loop to cross with a southbound PN002 at Iveragh 11.18 17/08/05



2821 heading south through Iveragh Loop if you ckick on the picture it will link to a video of this scene. 10.06 23/8/05.


3911 + 3933 + 1500 (as vehicle) head south through Rodds Bay. February 1995. This loop was eliminated when the track upgrade was completed and now only the brick signal building remains and the track consists of a very broad curve rated at 160km/h for the tilt train.