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Coloseum Curve


It's funny when after a few years of passing a spot you think may produce some good photos you finally do chek it out and you start kicking yourself. I have named this site Coloseum Curve because it sits at the northern base of Coloseum National Park and the line also crosses Coloseum Creek at this location. It is located between Netley to the south and Miriam Vale to the north, both these locations are featured in the Location Profile section of this site. The new line was constructed in 1995 as part of the North Coast Line upgrade.


2194F with the Tilt Train replacement train running hard to Brisbane. While the electric tilt trains are undergoing referbishment this train is being run with little alteration to the timetable. This is due to the fact that the tilt trains have a 100km/h speed limit currently imposed untill ATP protection is commisioned. 31/01/06 09.48


Looking south towards the Coloseum you can see how it got its name as the southbound Tilt Train runs up the grade with little trouble. 05/02/06 09.47


Northbound Q.R National freight heading north around the curve, this train usually crosses with the Sunlander at Bororen Loop. 31/01/06 07.05


2214D and 1735 haul the "Mail Train" south to Brisbane on a hot humid January morning. Many Q.R people still refer to the loco hauled passenger trains as Mail Trains in reference to their heratige and priority they receive. 31/01/06 07.46


A northbound QR National freight drifting down the grade a bit further north of the location of the photo with the electric Tilt Train. 07/02/06 07.20


2355 and 1738 do the honours on a hot Sunday morning. 05/02/06 07.47


PN003 heading south to Brisbane hot on the heels of the Sunlander in the photo above this one. 05/02/06 08.04


2190 and a 1720 class with such bad paint work the number on the side is missing lead the Sunlander over Coloseum Creek.
In the forground you may notice the overhead pole supports that ran next to the wood trestle leading to the bridge and the supports for the bridge proper. 07/02/05 07.44


Not a bad shot of the first doubble headed Pacific National train I have seen. PN010 and PN013 make little noise as they speed their train south to Brisbane. 31/01/06 10.12

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